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1.1 Sinch


1.2 quickblox


1.3 Layer




1.5 applozic



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2.1 QuickBlox vs Applozic


I have recently just tested two of the solutions you have cited.


  • protocol xmpp
  • open source
  • documentated less clearly than applozic
  • easy set up


  • protocol mqtt
  • open source easy set up, if a bit laborious
  • well documented, and very easy API to use.
  • Very customizable.

Both programs:

  • have video call/audio call/groups
  • have code bases that are constantly being updated, and from their Github pages new version have been released in the past few months

I preferred Applozic as the user interface was nicer and easier to use, and the features and pricing clearer. I also preferred the API and the setup code was easier.

2.2 Quickblox vs SendBird vs Layer

本部分内容转载自Do I need to have my own backend?

My research on Quickblox vs SendBird vs is:

  • 1.Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) or Chat-as-a-Service (CaaS):
    • Quickblox: Both, BaaS and CaaS
    • SendBird (aka JIVER): CaaS (BaaS for Enterprise-only)
    • CaaS only
  • 2.WebSocket-based:
    • Quickblox: No (XMPP)
    • SendBird: Yes
    • Yes
  • 3.Voice and Video:
    • Quickblox: Yes
    • SendBird: No
    • No
  • 4.Chat UI Kit:
    • Quickblox: QMChatViewController
    • SendBird: Open-source Sample UIs for iOS, Android, JavaScript (Web & React Native), Xamarin, Unity (You can use their Sample UI or 3rd party UI Kit like JSQMessagesViewController)
    • Atlas
  • 5.Number of Members in a Group:
    • Quickblox: Thousands (you may need to host Quickblox BaaS at a dedicated AWS infrastructure for better performance)
    • SendBird: Thousands (no need for an extra infrastructure)
    • limited to 25 per group
  • 6.The ability to host the BaaS/CaaS at your own IaaS:
    • Quickblox: Yes (setup cost starts from $599)
    • SendBird: Yes (limited to Enterprise plans only)
    • No
  • 7.Custom Objects Backend (the need for extra infrastructure):
    • Quickblox: Included in Quickblox BaaS
    • SendBird: Partial support (Key/value custom object stores for channels to be released in March)
    • No
  • 8.BaaS/CaaS Admin Panel/Dashboard:
    • Quickblox: Basic with Custom Dashboard when subscribed to the enterprise plan, starts from $599/month (Classic UI)
    • SendBird: Advanced (Modern UI)
    • Basic (Modern UI)
  • 9.Attachment max file size:
    • Quickblox: Unknown
    • SendBird: 25MB per file (custom limit for Enterprise plans)
    • 2GB (be aware that their pricing is based on the data transfer)
  • 10.Availability SLA:
    • Quickblox: Based on AWS EC2 SLA (99.95%)
    • SendBird: 99.9%
    • 99.9%
  • 11.Pricing (per month):
    • Quickblox: Mainly based on the number of messengers per second (/s) and monthly active users: Free-$49-$214-$599-$1,199-$2,399 (Plans)
    • SendBird: Mainly based on the number of monthly active users (MAU): Free-$59-$179-$599-Custom (
    • Mainly based on the monthly data transfer and monthly users: Free-$599 per month-Custom (
  • 12.Number of freelancers at who have this Baas/CaaS as one of their skill set:
    • Quickblox: 547 (keyword: “Quickblox”)
    • SendBird: 0 (keyword: “SendBird” or “JIVER”) « new to the market
    • Layer: 13 (keyword: “” not Layer)

2.3 更多比较:

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